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Don Scott

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About This Project

Since the early 80s, Don has had a love for music and dance. 

From the age of 10, Don quickly dove into collecting cassette tapes, rap posters, and rocking gold chains along with high top fade haircuts as a student of hip-hop culture.  He even created “Pause Tapes” dubbed off of Friday night radio shows using his Mom’s Sony boom-box. Don loved to watch classic movies like Beat Street and Breakin’,  as well as learn new dance moves from the cable network “The Box”.  In high school, Don would make mixed CDs and sell them during his homeroom period at art school. 

These experiences all shaped him to become the DJ he is today. 

He is self-taught, and stepped into the role fully by accepting bookings at local parties, fashion shows, and special events.

The name Donsquiat was given by his long time friend Ish; to best describe Don’s range and artistic palette for good vibes.